Women Of The Channel: Diversity In Technology Channel Isn't Fixed Yet, But Making Progress

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While big steps have been made, Women of the Channel executives said the road to diversity isn't over yet.

"We'll continue to see this evolve because this is not a new market, and as we find that technology and work life evolve, we'll see that change," Red Hat's Akamine said. 

The improvement has been strong, Avnet's Enright said, but there is still plenty of room for women to make strides in technology and take up leadership roles.

"I would hope to continue to see women rise in levels of leadership in suppliers, partners and in Avnet," Enright said. "I think that there is room for women to continue to rise in those leadership roles and, in fact, I know there is room for that to happen. I think that women bring a variety of different skills and capabilities to an organization."

"Women often don't believe that they can aspire to, or don’t believe they have the capacity to, take their career to the next level. A secondary goal would be to see that thinking start to change," she continued. "I'd love to see a secondary goal of great growth of women in the technology channel so that my daughter, who is only 9 today, when she desires to go into the workplace, that's not even a question that enters her mind."



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