Hadoop Opportunities For Service Providers

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Big data company Talend has a CEO who describes the company as the “plumbers” in the world of data. That might not be the most glamorous description, but it certainly is a profitable role.

Talend CEO Mike Tuchen said it’s only in the past year that companies have started to make buys in the big data realm. Tuchen made early bets on Hadoop in 2009 and 2010, and Talend is now positioned as an expert in data integration, application integration and master data management services, just as Hadoop demand explodes.

“What’s driving it first and foremost is economics,” Tuchen said about the increased demand for Hadoop. “It’s just a whole lot cheaper than a traditional data warehouse, by a factor of 40 or 50.”

With a price cut that extreme, customers are looking for more ways to implement Hadoop. However, using the cheaper option does come with a trade-off. Tuchen said Hadoop is not as secure as traditional data warehouses and has a less sophisticated level of backup.

Tuchen said there is a major opportunity for service providers in Hadoop. “The first thing that everyone will tell you that’s using Hadoop is it’s complex,” he said. Hadoop is an entire ecosystem in itself, and customers will need to decide which factors and applications make sense for their business. “There’s a real need for expertise in helping guide customers through that process.”



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