D&H Distributing Rolls Out Backup And Disaster Recovery Initiative

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D&H Distributing unveiled Tuesday a suite of resources for its resellers to boost their technical portfolios and sales around backup and disaster and recovery.

The Harrisburg, Pa.-based company's latest move grows its solutions portfolio in a push for for partners in backup and disaster recovery, with technical products that include storage devices, virus protection, automatic backup solutions, power supply unit, SMB servers and more. D&H will also offer training opportunities and a new Partner Services marketing brochure template.

"We're trying to instill the value of disaster recovery as a crucial long-term investment," Jeff Davis, D&H senior vice president of sales, said in a statement. "A secure disaster management plan will allow companies to safeguard essential customer data -- and, in turn, their own businesses. This is not just an intelligent way to conduct themselves on an everyday basis, it's simple self-preservation. It could make the difference between a company surviving or closing down in the wake of an adverse event."

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D&H in recent months has been growing its resources available to reseller partners with technology, training and marketing tools. The distributor more recently said it was expanding its education resources for VARs to help them capitalize on a growing K-12 market.

The news was particularly timely as an impending deadline for the expiration of Microsoft Server 2003 looms in July of next year, just as Windows XP support ended this spring.

On top of that, Jon Allen, owner of Ogden, Utah-based D&H partner Proponent IT, said the latest initiative is especially timely as disaster recovery becomes even more important with HIPAA compliance and security issues like Heartbleed and Cryptolocker that put clients' data in jeopardy. Proponent IT he has seen a "huge increase" in interest in disaster recovery solutions from clients since those particular security attacks, Allen said.

Clients often dismiss the importance of disaster recovery, he said, and it often gets scrapped as a cost that is easy to cut. However, Allen said it’s important for clients to get ahead of a disaster and be proactive instead of reactive. Allen said that It's important for Proponent IT to make sure its clients look into disaster recovery solutions, especially with the new compliance regulations around HIPAA, because it can mean the difference between spending a few dollars now to back up their data or possibly pay millions in a HIPAA audit.

"The way I like to put it to my customers is: it's an insurance policy for your data. You’ve got to look at it that way. You may not need it, but you're going to very happy when you need it and you have it," Allen said. "There's too many reasons to do it and it's far outweighing the reasons not to. The only reason not to is money. In my opinion you're either going to spend the money now or later."

The D&H initiative will help, he said, to make sure he's staying on top of the latest solutions and opportunities around backup and disaster recovery.

"I feel like we've got a pretty good grasp on disaster recovery, but knowledge is power. There might be something my team has missed," said Allen, who signed up for next week's D&H webinar on the topic. "I'm excited to see what I could be missing and how other solutions can combine together to make a very good solution, a more proper solution."


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