The CRN 2014 Top 100

The IT world is an ever-changing landscape that discards aging business models like an old pair of gym socks. As opportunities are created by technologies like cloud and big data, and increased security and mobility needs, numerous challenges also arise. Couple that with the market damage done by rogue former government contractor Edward Snowden, and you have what may well be the most treacherous terrain ever faced by technology executives.

Overcoming these challenges and capitalizing on the opportunities starts at the top, with an executive that can spot IT pain points and solve them.

CRN each year present's the Top 100, our annual list of the IT industry's foremost leaders. The list starts by honoring the 25 Most Influential Of 2014, a collection of the individuals who had the biggest impact on the tech industry in the last 12 months.

Next, CRN highlights the Top 25 Innovators Of 2014, which includes those who are setting the technology course and successfully responding to the rapidly changing marketplace.

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After that we look at the executives who shook up the IT industry in the Top 25 Disrupters Of 2014.

Lastly, CRN honors the Top 25 Channel Sales Leaders Of 2014, the channel sales executives that went to bat for their partners and brought them success as competition in the channel heats up.

Here, written by the CRN staff, is the 2014 Top 100.

The 25 Most Influential Of 2014
Here we present this year's class of the 25 Most Influential individuals in the technology industry.

The Top 25 Innovators Of 2014
As part of the 2014 Top 100, CRN recognizes the 25 innovators who are setting the technology course.

The Top 25 Disrupters Of 2014
As part of the 2014 Top 100, CRN looks at the 25 executives who shook up the IT industry this year.

The Top 25 Channel Sales Leaders Of 2014
As part of CRN's 2014 Top 100, take a look at 25 channel sales executives that really stood out as they worked to bring success to their partners.