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SDN Startup Pertino Unveils First Formal Partner Program

Pertino, a provider of cloud-based networking solutions, says it's targeting MSPs and cloud-savvy solution providers with its new BlueSky Partner Program.

Software-defined networking startup Pertino Monday launched its first formal partner program targeted at MSPs and cloud-savvy solution providers embracing the network virtualization trend.

The new program, called the Pertino BlueSky Partner Program, underscores Pertino's commitment to being a channel-friendly company as it looks to drive adoption of its SDN technology, according to Pertino Chief Marketing Officer Todd Krautkremer.

"We think a lot of the upper business that comes through our direct efforts will be referred back to the channel, and that the channel is really going to help us penetrate the low end of the market and in geographies where they just fundamentally sell differently, like in Asia and Europe," Krautkremer told CRN.

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Pertino offers a cloud-based networking solution that allows organizations to deploy a private cloud network that overlays the public Internet and requires no additional hardware. The service is targeted primarily at smaller businesses, given the ease with which it can be set up, Krautkremer said. Companies deploy the service by downloading the Pertino software, sending an email to other users to invite them to join the network, and then adding devices, such as servers or printers, through the management portal.

"We are delivering networks that you spin up in the cloud as a service. And to do that, all you need to do is go to, just like you would with a Box or Dropbox account, click on signup, and start either a free or a paid network and simply register for the service," Krautkremer said, noting that price of the service is based on how many devices are added to the network.

The Los Gatos, Calif.-based company also offers AppScape, a network services app store that houses additional visibility, security and control services that users can deploy.

Even before the launch of the BlueSky Partner Program, Pertino was working with a select group of MSPs to bring its service to market. The new program, however, will help formalize the way Pertino segments and rewards its partners.

According to Krautkremer, who is overseeing the new program and previously headed up channels at Packateer, BlueSky is especially targeted at cloud-centric IT consultants, resellers, distributors and service providers. He said Pertino's ideal partner is one who already derives roughly 40 percent of its overall revenue from recurring services sales.

"What we are building is a thoroughly modern channel program, really wired for the cloud from the start," Krautkremer said.

Partners will be categorized as either Prime, Select, Elite and Premier, with Premier being the highest ranking and Prime being the lowest. They can join the program with minimal commitment and earn higher levels of recurring revenue and other rewards as their Pertino business grows.

In addition to the Prime, Select, Elite and Premier partnership levels, Pertino partners will be categorized into three different partner types: referral, resellers and MSPs. Partners in the Pertino referral program discover deals and then toss them over to Pertino to handle the sales and billing process. If the deal closes, the partner gets a one-time commission payment for up to 20 percent of the annual service subscription revenue.

Reseller partners, meanwhile, sell the standard Pertino service plans on their own, but have Pertino handle the customer billing and post-sales support. These partners receive varying recurring commissions based on whether they are Prime, Select, Elite or Premier.

Pertino MSPs, lastly, handle all service provisioning and billing, and have an opportunity to white-label the service. They also receive wholesale pricing, which again varies based on their partnership level, and have the green light to bundle the Pertino service with their own branded professional services. Pertino bills its MSPs monthly based on the aggregate number of devices deployments across all their customers' networks.

The program also will house distributors that want to sell the Pertino cloud networking service through their own partner base, along with cloud services brokers.

Krautkremer said Pertino had 5,000 customers participate in its beta program for its cloud networking service and, since going live in January, has on-boarded "several hundred" companies.


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