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RapidFire Tools Offers New Inspector Application

Samantha Allen

RapidFire Tools' latest offering to MSPs is an application called Inspector which provides a more comprehensive, ’deep dive’ assessment tool that can help end users identify unauthorized internal access or external attacks that breach a firewall.

CEO Mike Mittel said his company is already receiving high demand for the application since its release, which comes with an appliance MSPs can install to conduct vulnerability scans and layer 2/3 protection for their customers.

RapidFire Tools, based out of Atlanta, is the developer of the Network Detective suite of network assessment modules for SMB environments. These tools are used to evaluate prospects' networks, gain new customers and help those end users gain insights into how to improve network security, speed and office productivity.

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Mittel said this is an easy application that allows users to stay on top of tracking networks. The company touts the application as helping clients avoid paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars for one-time assessments. With Inspector, a user pays one annual subscription fee and then runs as many scans as desired on as many networks as preferred.

He added Inspector is one of the most comprehensive of the Network Detective product line.

’What we’re doing a little different is we include the appliance with a subscription, like a cable-box service,’ he said. ’We thought MSPs would appreciate it.’

RapidFire Tools' websites says Network Detective Inspector is ’small, but mighty.’ It has a high processing speed, a large storage capacity and users already subscribed to the HIPAA compliance module have the software needed to communicate remotely with each Inspector appliance.

’A large number of MSPs are required to do compliance reporting …,’ Mittel said. ’You can use our box to do this. We can perform continuous vulnerability checks. What we’re looking for are threats [to] the network, from internal threats to threats at the edge of the firewall.’

Mittel noted the device can be used as a ’set it and forget it’ tool, too. Annual subscriptions to the Network Detective Inspector service include unlimited use of the Inspector scanning appliance to ensure overall protection for clients.


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