Salesfusion Bolsters Channel Focus With New Partners

Cloud-based marketing automation vendor Salesfusion, headquartered in Atlanta, said this week it has partnered with three VARs in a move to strengthen its focus on the channel.

Austin-based Epicom, Highland Solutions of Chicago and Synolia in France are set to offer and promote Salesfusion to thousands of SugarCRM customers worldwide.

Salesfusion VP of Channels Bentley Hines touted SugarCRM technology -- which stands for customer relationship management -- upon the announcement. CRM allows a company to keep track of their clients and sales.

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Hines said Salesfusion has been with SugarCRM for less than a year.

’This is the year we really invested in exhibiting in their conference and we have been pursuing relationships with their partners as well at the corporate level -- that’s been part of our strategy for growth,’ he said. ’We look at [Sugar] as a company that’s growing and we feel like because we align very well with their strategy, that’s a good target segment for us to grow our customers.’

Salesfusion began targeting SugarCRM customers in 2012 and many clients, including Pingtone, Medicat and Delmo use the joint solution today, according to the vendor. Salesfusion has committed significant development resources to establishing a strong integration between the products, and the companies are natural partners given their mutual focus on mid-market customers.

Salesfusion said it will spend several million dollars over the next two years to develop partnerships with CRM VARs and integrators like Epicom, Highland Solutions and Synolia. The company expects to triple the size of its SugarCRM business by mid-2015.

Salesfusion said it is the only marketing automation platform built on a relational database, which allows for an exact match between systems at the lead, contact, account, opportunity and campaign levels. This in turn enables better segmentation and campaign execution. Users, for example, can automatically generate sales opportunities in Sugar from Salesfusion and create sales tasks from Salesfusion using lead nurture programs.

Epicom Marketing Manager Amanda Anderson said her company did an exhaustive search last year to try to find a good partner for SugarCRM users.

’I’m a huge advocate of [Salesfusion] and the product that they’re building,’ Anderson told CRN. ’… There’s a lot of systems, and if you look at it at a glance, they all seem to do the same thing from a high-level view, but when you drill into it, you start to see some deficiencies in some of the systems. We thought Salesfusion, the way it was built, it was built to handle a pretty strong integration. … We’re happy with that partnership and where it’s going.’