CRN Exclusive: Security Analytics Provider IKANOW Launches Partner Program

Open-source information security analytics provider IKANOW is pumping up its investment in the channel with its first partner program for resellers, integrators and service providers.

The program, which will give partners various training and marketing benefits, as well as discounts, will allow a solution provider to wrap its own offering around IKANOW’s information security analytics (ISA) product and highlight both to current and potential clients.

"We are excited about the partner program, because it allows us to showcase our data products," said Kevin Wetzel, CEO and founder of Jigsaw Security Enterprise, an IKANOW partner based in Garner, N.C.

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"This will allow us to do more - it’s a win-win situation for us," he said.

Jigsaw's systems integrate well with IKANOW’s open source architecture, Wetzel said, adding that the solution’s flexibility allows him to use it with his own systems and take steps to protect clients from cyberattacks. "Furthermore," he said in a statement, "the program has rewarded my investment with healthy revenue and the opportunity to deliver a more effective cybersecurity solution to customers."

For IKANOW, based in Reston, Va., the program is aimed at significantly increasing the number of partners that work with the company to expand its current large-enterprise business while growing IKANOW's presence in the midmarket.

"Although most of our business has been through a handful of partners, only one of them has contributed the lion's share," said Jason Pender, IKANOW’s senior vice president of field operations.

Currently, IKANOW is doing 70 percent of its business through partners, Pender said in an email to CRN, adding that the company wants to add to its channel with the new program with the goal of generating all of its business through the channel.

And Pender said he expects the company to expand significantly in the midmarket, growing that share of its revenue from 10 percent to 50 percent by the end of 2016.

IKANOW currently provides a flat 10 percent discount to all its partners. But those that sell $500,000 to $1 million a year for the company will qualify for the ’Silver tier’ of the partner program, earning a 20 percent discount, while those whose sales top $1 million will qualify for Gold status and a 30 percent discount.

Additionally, IKANOW will provide more discounts for managed services providers that look to resell the company's product with the added value of their own services and technology wrapped around it.

Partners will also receive technical guidance, sales and marketing support Pender said, explaining that IKANOW has earmarked 5 percent of its revenue to go toward marketing and distribution services, helping partners deploy and manage IKANOW’s ISA for clients.

One program will be a three-day certification course for partner engineers, focusing on how to deploy and maintain the IKANOW solution.

Wetzel said he’s looking forward to taking advantage of all the partner program has to offer, including the training and marketing assistance.

"We are already testing and using the platform," he said. "Our revenues are higher up and our expectation is, it is only going to get better."