CRN Exclusive: Partners Applaud D&H’s New Push Into Cloud Services

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D&H Distributing is going full force into the cloud with a web portal that provides partners access to recurring revenue-generating cloud services.

Partners said D&H's new Cloud Marketplace portal, available from the company's website, will be key as they transform into cloud-based strategic service providers.  

“The technology landscape is changing underneath us all very quickly; it is a space that we all need to be in. We all need to be able to sell hosted services one way or another,” said Stephen Brooks, president and CEO of Penn Systems Group, a Newtown Square, Penn.-based D&H partner.

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Brooks said getting assistance with sizing and provisioning in the cloud will be critical to the success of small business solution providers.

“I think that is where the real opportunity lies for the distys [distributors], because they have the financial resources to build out a team of folks that can help with that provisioning,” he said.

Peter DiMarco, D&H’s vice president of VAR sales, said partners are able to change and manage their purchases on a monthly basis through the portal, allowing them to provision services electronically, enabling them to be more flexible and offer a wider range of scalable services in the cloud.

“It gives the VAR or MSP the ability to review, assess and build solutions around a growing catalog of cloud services,” he said.

“This is a huge step,” said James Hoff, President of Bellevue, Wash.-based D&H partner ACE Internet Services Inc., adding that working with D&H to access cloud services has been a game-changer for him.

As a one-man shop, Hoff said he has been a long-time Microsoft partner but never felt like he was treated with the same priority as some of the “bigger fish.” However, he added, since he started working with D&H to get the tech, the distributor has focused on him and been a strong partner.

“The number one thing is that I now know that I have a partner that is going to be there, helping me provision what I need, and supporting me,” Hoff told CRN. 

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