VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger Will Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro To Build High School In Kenya


VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger is going to the extreme to raise money to construct a high school for girls in Kenya by setting out to climb Africa's highest mountain in a few days.

The technology guru will be hiking Mount Kilimanjaro, with an elevation of approximately 19,341 feet, for the charitable organization Missions of Hope International, which supports orphan and vulnerable children and their families throughout Kenya.

"Girls in particular are susceptible to be prevented from education, falling back to tribal patterns of being married off and child bearing at very young ages and continuing the terrible cycle of poverty," said Gelsinger, in his fundraising website. "I'm thrilled with the potential to click off a bucket list item but doing it for the noblest of causes -- bringing hope and life to the world's most vulnerable. Truly changing the face of eternity for these kids."

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The goal is to raise $75,000. However, Gelsinger has already raised more than $100,000, according to his fundraising website.

Gelsinger is well-known for his charity work, having supported the Christian-centered Missions of Hope International for years. The organizations vision statement is to transformed lives among the disadvantaged communities in Kenya and beyond.

Just a few days left until I hike Kilimanjaro in support of Mission of Hope Int'l () and Kenya's children. Help us build a future for Kenya and a new girls' high school. There's still time to help us raise funds.

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"Over 15,000 kids are now part of their schools – amazing," said Gelsinger. "They combine schooling with food and medical services and spiritual training to meet the full aspects of pulling kids from poverty and raising them up to be citizens of tomorrow. As they are getting larger numbers of high school graduates, they are increasingly sending kids to college and doing skills training. Essentially, building a future for Kenya, out of the worst slums of poverty."

Joining Gelsinger, 56, on his climb will be VMware's chief customer officer Scott Bajtos, Afterburner CEO Joel Neeb and missionary Keith Ham.

To donate to Gelsinger's Mount Kilimanjaro climb, visit here. All donations are tax deductible.

Gelsinger made headlines recently for his outspoken decision to not seek the open CEO position at Intel following Brian Krzanich's abrupt resignation last week.