Veraz Unveils VoIP Compression Scheme To Reduce Leased Line Costs

Based on Veraz' s I-Gate 4000 PRO media gateway, the solution allows providers to realize substantial cost benefits by transporting highly-compressed, high quality voice over IP (VoIP) traffic over leased lines. By providing compression ratios as high as 12 to one, providers can also respond to increased traffic demands over existing leased-line services. According to Sheraz executive vice president of global marketing Amit Chawla, this will allow carriers to offer subscribers lower rates by reducing the costs associated with the use of toll lines.

The Veraz Wireless Network Compression Solution ensures a high level of voice quality of service (QoS), providing substantial voice quality with low latency, jitter and packet loss over costly landline and satellite connections. This is particularly important in emerging markets like India, where carriers are required to interconnect wireless switching centers over leased lines.

The solution offers a range of additional features in addition to ensuring substantial compression and signal quality. It provides silence suppression functionality with Voice Activity Detection and Comfort Noise Generation features, and intelligent packet loss concealment (PLC) with low-delay and non-blocking.

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