AllCloud, AWS Expand Collaboration To North America: ‘It Was Just A Matter Of Time’

‘It was a natural progression for an agreement to be expanded into a region that we’re currently putting a lot of investments towards growing, which is North America,’ says Eran Gil, CEO of AllCloud.


Denver-based MSP AllCloud will be expanding its strategic collaboration with Amazon Web Services in North America to reach more ISVs, manufacturing and consumer goods clients.

Through the collaboration, AllCloud will provide clients with professional and managed services to accelerate their cloud migration and digital transformation.

In December 2020, AllCloud and AWS announced their collaboration to support medium and large enterprise clients in EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa). The expansion into North America will provide services and solutions built around its expertise in cloud migration, Microsoft workloads, DevOps, security, data, analytics and artificial intelligence/machine learning.

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“AllCloud has been in North America for quite a while, and our relationship with AWS has expanded beyond Israel since the start of the business back five-and-half years ago,” AllCloud CEO Eran Gil told CRN. “It was a natural progression for an agreement to be expanded into a region that we’re currently putting a lot of investments towards growing, which is North America.”

“The agreement is around making sure we can collaboratively go to market around specific segments and verticals and so forth,” he said. “It was just a matter of time before we expanded it across the pond.”

Since signing the initial agreement with AWS, AllCloud increased its investment in data and analytics business solutions through the acquisition of Integress and launched the Solutions Factory. The latter is a collection of fully automated, ready-to-deploy AWS CloudFormation architecture blueprints to help clients expedite their use of AWS.

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“The expansion of our relationship with AllCloud into North America is a welcome addition to the work we’ve been doing in EMEA,” Doug Yeum, head of global partner organization at AWS, said in a statement. “We have collaborated with AllCloud to help our customers experience a smoother cloud integration, leveraging AllCloud’s expertise in cloud security to lower risks and costs, and raise system productivity.”

While there is going to be a focus on SMBs, midmarket and enterprise, a large focus will be on the ISV segment.

“I know it sounds like an interesting segment because you don’t typically hear about it,” Gil said. “You hear about SMBs, you hear about middle market, you hear about enterprise, but ISV is a segment within AWS so we are focusing on the ISV segment.”

Another focus will be on digitally-enabled businesses and two core verticals, consumer goods and manufacturing.

“AllCloud has been instrumental in helping us increase our revenue,” said Jamie Miller, president and CEO at Mission Innovate, an AllCloud partner. “Its unparalleled level of subject matter expertise in the AWS environment, along with its enduring collaboration, partnership and engaging communication, has been a foundational driver of our continued success. We plan to continue our partnership with AllCloud as we further expand our cloud adoption and transition more of our product offerings from on-premises to a SaaS model.”

And in North America, Gil said AllCloud is experiencing rapid growth. He expects the AWS agreement expansion will give AllCloud “some tailwind in terms of growth” with an increase of more than 50 percent year over year.

“AllCloud has been experiencing phenomenal double-digit growth,” he said. “We’re talking in the ranges of north of 30 percent, in some years north of 40 percent, so very significant growth for a professional managed services organization.”