DTEN, Synnex Join Forces To Expand Access To Zoom-Ready Products

‘With our agreement with Synnex, it opens up access to their 20,000-plus reseller base who are selling either competitive products, DTEN or complementary products to DTEN,’ says Kathleen Blackmon, head of channels at DTEN.


In its most recent distribution agreement with Synnex, video conferencing system maker DTEN moves to untap a new “route to market” by giving users access to all-in-one video conferencing devices just as workplaces and classrooms reopen.

“What we’re seeing, especially in the last few months, is as companies and schools try to figure out what they’re going to do for the next year, we had a whole demand-driven aspect based on COVID and the need for people to work from home or do online schooling,” said Kathleen Blackmon, head of channels at San Jose, Calif.-based DTEN. “That really drove the need for our devices.”

As offices open back up, Blackmon said there is an even more increased demand as companies are reconfiguring back-to-office plans.

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“It is hybrid for most of them, so they’re trying to figure out what do they need to put in their office,” she said. “They’re reconfiguring their space based on the either requirements of their local area or what they believe is safe for their employees.

“Instead of putting a bunch of people in a big conference room, they’re actually chopping up that space and putting more personal workspaces so that people can use more personal devices versus huge conference room devices,” she added.

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Because of the high demand, Blackmon said DTEN — which generates more than 80 percent of its sales from channel partners — has had substantial growth, doubling its revenue over the same period last year.

“We continue to see that trajectory and continue to grow,” she said. “We currently are in backlog and filling orders.”

The agreement with Fremont, Calif.-based IT services firm Synnex opens up access to its 20,000-plus reseller base that is selling either competitive products, DTEN or complementary products to DTEN, giving the video conferencing company a new route to market with partners it has not engaged with before.

Blackmon would not disclose the terms of the agreement other than the deal covers all business in the United States.

Larry Dubin, chief operating officer for Business Network Team, a telecommunications and IT network consulting firm in Ohio, is a user of DTEN products and said the design and conjunction with Zoom engineering is what makes it stand out from competitors.

“It’s very easy to use because it’s Zoom-integrated,” he said. “If you’re able to use Zoom than you’re able to use DTEN because it’s built on the Zoom platform. The fact now that they can be used with Teams and Webex and other platforms easily makes it a good product.”

Business Network Team also does business with Synnex, making the agreement beneficial for the consulting firm.

“With Synnex, we’re able to utilize our same rep we’ve been dealing with for years,” he said.

“The ability to get the product in hand quicker is helpful. And partnering with Synnex will help DTEN’s presence nationally.”

All DTEN devices combines video conferencing, content sharing and interactive whiteboarding. The company also provides natural and dynamic user experiences, offers easy installation and wireless set-up and includes built-in Zoom software.

DTEN won a few design awards in recent months, such as the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2021, joining the ranks of Apple, SONY and Bose.

“We’re the only one who has this type of product offering in a main line distribution channel,” said Blackmon. “What’s driving the demand for our product is we have solutions for every type of work style.”