ForgeRock: Partner Program Taps Into Robust Space Of Digital Identity

In this episode of The Partner Program Pitch, hear ForgeRock’s Ben Goodman share why partners should get on board with the company’s partner program, which gives “partners a lot opportunity to make money off of this growing market.”

As solution providers up their game to meet customer demand for the hottest technology, the right vendor partner program is key to their success.

CRNtv welcomes vendors to The Partner Program Pitch to share with the channel what makes their channel program unique, starting with an elevator pitch on why solution providers should join their partner program.

In this episode of The PPP, CRNtv’s Jennifer Zarate talks with Ben Goodman, senior vice president of Global Business and Corporate Development at ForgeRock, about how the San Francisco-based company is helping partners tap into a growing market.

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“We are in this amazing robust space right now, digital identity, and all of the company’s in this space are growing at a tremendous rate,” said Goodman. “There’s capability to sell for a variety of use cases, from business-to-consumer (B2C) cases, to workforce use cases, even to Internet of things (IoT) use cases, and so the ability to tap into all of these amazing, vibrant, growing markets is why you want to get on board and what we’ve done from a programmatic perspective is give partners a lot of opportunity to really tap into and make money off of a growing market.”

Company At A Glance

Location: San Francisco, California

Number of partner s: Nearly 100

Percentage of sales that go through the channel: Did not disclose

Product and services in which ForgeRock specializes in:

- Identity and access management (IAM)

- Identity Governance

- Identity Cloud

- Directory Services

- Intelligent Access

- Autonomous Identity

“We want our partners to become accredited. We want them to actually understand our product, understand how to sell it, and ideally understand how to implement it as well because there is a lot of money to be made implementing our solution and we want to make sure that our partners have those skills sets,” added Goodman.

Partner Program Details

Year channel program established: 2016

Program Tiers: Not applicable

Eligible partner-types:

- Solution Providers

- Integrators

- Managed Service Providers

- Resellers

- Identity Specialists

- Technology Partners (Authentication, Fraud and Risk Management, and Behavioral Biometrics)

Goodman told CRNtv, “Generally speaking, when we talk about software it’s always the same things. It’s reduce cost, reduce risk and improve experiences, and really digital identity technology does all three and ForgeRock is a leader in that space.”

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