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New TD Synnex Communities Sales Structure Will Drive More Opportunities For Partner Growth: TD Synnex VP Kaye McMillan

Joseph F. Kovar, Steven Burke

New TD Synnex Vice President of Partner Communities and Sales Development Kaye McMillan, who has deep partner roots, said putting the TD Synnex partner communities under the sales team will drive more opportunities for partner growth.

How does it feel to take the helm of the partner communities for TD Synnex and once again work closely with partners?

Obviously I am super exited to be back with the expanded partner communities. I was involved with Tech Select when it was just Tech Data. Now that we have really expanded [our] communities commitment and presence [with the combined TD Synnex] I couldn’t be more excited.

I am in Miami right now, where we just finished our first combined meeting with the presidents of our advisory councils, and then we are having the rest of the advisory council meeting going on tomorrow throughout the day.

It’s been great to get to learn more about the Varnex community. It is super exciting as we look at how we do more together with partners. That is really important to us.

My history has always been in the sales organization with a customer-first focus aimed at how we develop and build relationships with customers. That is very important to me.

Having the communities really tied into the sales organization is key so that we can help our partners grow.

I am excited. This is a big role. I don’t take that lightly . TD Synnex has done a lot to be focused and invested in our communities. We are making sure we are offering a really strong value-add as a distributor. It’s all about how we build our business together with partners.

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