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New TD Synnex Communities Sales Structure Will Drive More Opportunities For Partner Growth: TD Synnex VP Kaye McMillan

Joseph F. Kovar, Steven Burke

New TD Synnex Vice President of Partner Communities and Sales Development Kaye McMillan, who has deep partner roots, said putting the TD Synnex partner communities under the sales team will drive more opportunities for partner growth.

What impact will putting the TD Synnex Communities organization under the sales group have on partners’ ability to drive sales growth?

That is something that is very important so we make sure partners stay connected to their dedicated sales teams and our sales leadership. That is important just from an engagement perspective.

Our responsibility as the sales organization is we own that customer relationship. We understand those partners and we understand what they need. Now, when we get feedback we will be able to act on it much more quickly.

If it is being heard directly by the sales organization, that makes us more nimble to act on it and provide even more value to the partners in terms of what is important to them. It is going to allow us to focus on the business-building opportunities that they need to be aware of so they can grow their business.

Just from a growth perspective, we are wanting to grow and expand our membership so understanding the partners in more detail is key. With the communities as part of the sales organization, we’ll be able to grow that partner community much more effectively. It should allow us to bring new members and diverse members—the ones that can share and bring more value to the other members in the community as well.

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