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New TD Synnex Communities Sales Structure Will Drive More Opportunities For Partner Growth: TD Synnex VP Kaye McMillan

Joseph F. Kovar, Steven Burke

New TD Synnex Vice President of Partner Communities and Sales Development Kaye McMillan, who has deep partner roots, said putting the TD Synnex partner communities under the sales team will drive more opportunities for partner growth.

How do you feel about the opportunity to work closely with both the Tech Select and the Varnex communities going forward?

Obviously, I know the partners in the TechSelect community a lot better. For me, the exciting part is getting to meet a diverse group of partners in the Varnex community as well, for example. To me, it’s all about learning a different perspective and a different point of view, and what we can be doing to help address their growth objectives, [learning] what are the business outcomes that they’re trying to solve for that we can help.

Even today, I don’t know all of the team yet, and I’m excited to meet them. Everybody has a different perspective, and they’re all valuable. And then turning that feedback and that point of view into something that’s executable on behalf of the partnership.

Talk about your plan and priorities for the first 100 days as you take on this new role.

Obviously, I need to work and integrate with my team, making sure that we have a clear vision. And as I said, it’s a big team, so I’m excited to get to know them. Of course, that’s a priority. The second priority, of course, is talking to as many partners in the communities as I can. I’m going to rely heavily on our advisory council members because they’re obviously accessible, available and dedicated to our combined success, and [I’ll be] leveraging their feedback, knowledge and expertise, and making sure that I’m talking to as many partners as I can to get that input and feedback.



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