NinjaRMM Partner Program A ‘Seamless Go-To-Market Strategy,’ Partner Says

‘You know, products are great, but experiences are better and that’s what really helped Ninja differentiate themselves. We lead with Ninja in every single RMM opportunity now because of the experience that Ninja was able to provide,’ says C1st Technologies co-founder Kent Fagan, a NinjaRMM partner.


NinjaRMM has unveiled its channel program to capture the corporate IT spend, and go-to-market with resellers in a “seamless” motion that relies on their relationships and NinjaRMM’s in-house experts to drive sales.

CEO Sal Sferlazza said while San Francisco-based remote monitoring platform NinjaRMM has tended to focus on the MSP market, his sales team repeatedly heard from traditional value-added resellers, asking if the company had a partner program.

“VARs realize that adding a managed service, is a great way to go, using the products that they sell as a cross-sell, upsell,” Sferlazza told CRN. “They already have great relationships with more upstream corporate IT departments and thousands of nodes, as opposed to the MSP folks, who are selling predominantly into the SMB. We think it’s a good time.”

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RMM tools are being scrutinized by solution providers, who need the ease of use, but are concerned about the security vulnerabilities. While Sferlazza said the company has not received more interest because of security, the product’s modern architecture, and 45-day refresh cycle means Sferlazza can bring more features to partners more quickly than legacy RMM tools.

“I don’t know if the modern stack, gives us a leg up in security. It certainly gives us a leg up in agility and being able to pump out features faster and at a greater scale,” Sferlazza told CRN. “On the security side, I think that’s more of a process and operations exercise where we just have to stay hyper-vigilant, and continue to throw resources at it, in terms of security.”

Sferlazza said with its ease of use, single pane interface, and simple underpinnings, NinjaRMM is designed to help VARs deploy it quickly into corporate IT environments where there is a need for cloud-based RMM tools in today’s remote working environment.

“The demand on IT departments, and the corporate-IT world are going up,” he said. “The gateway level products, the on-prem products aren’t going to work when everyone is working out of their house.”

Headquartered in Denver, with satellite offices in Seattle and Dallas, NinjaRMM partner C1st Technologies is a value-added reseller specializing in data center and cybersecurity solutions.

“How Ninja separates themselves is really the partner program,” said C1st co-founder Kent Fagan. “We have personal relationships across a lot of their sales, technical and also marketing staff that just enable an almost seamless go-to-market strategy for us that other vendors simply can‘t provide.”

Fagan said NinjaRMM has worked hard to make its partner portal an easy experience, as well as providing support to help C1st Technologies sales staff. However at the moment, he said the top customer concern is cybercrime and readiness.

“The biggest thing is people want to make sure they‘re secure right now,” he said. “So we’ve been doing a lot of helping folks prepare for audits making sure they could pass them or just penetration testing, and vulnerability assessments on cybersecurity.”

NinjaRMM dovetails into that sale’s motion he said by creating a product that he is “completely confident” placing into his customer’s businesses.

“Cybersecurity is at the core of our business model,” he said. “I mean, we do a lot of business on that side of the fence for our clients, and I can tell you, we would never work with solutions that we didn‘t feel completely comfortable with, from a security perspective. It just wouldn’t be a part of our consideration process. We feel completely confident in their ability to deliver a solution like that securely to our clients. Definitely.”

He said he chose to sell NinjaRMM versus some of the legacy RMM tools because of the company’s focus on its product and backing it up with support.

“You know, products are great, but experiences are better and that’s what really helped Ninja differentiate themselves,” he said. “We lead with Ninja in every single RMM opportunity now because of the experience that Ninja was able to provide and how they really go above and beyond to make clients feel comfortable and also show them that they‘re dedicated and not only earning their business, but also supporting them throughout that process as well.”