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Pax8 Advocates For Partners, Expects Microsoft Channel Program Changes In October

C.J. Fairfield, Steven Burke

Pax8 Chief Commerce Officer Nick Heddy says he expects Microsoft to announce NCE changes in October that will ease partner ‘fear’ and ‘tension’ and at the same time ‘reduce risk’ as partners bring on new customers.

What kind of relief do you think Microsoft partners grappling with NCE issues will see in October?

Microsoft is listening to partners and they are working on a plan that will offer relief in October. The final details are not released yet, but they will be announcing something.

Pax8 is doing what it always does: We aggregate, we amplify, we advocate for our partners. We are the voice that communicates to many of the Microsoft partners. Microsoft has 600,000 partners. We’re serving 23,000 of those. We are helping partners to navigate program changes and incentive changes that we expect to land in October.

What’s the message to partners from Pax8 on how this is going to help them with some of the NCE issues?

Pax8 has been working behind the scenes with Microsoft to advocate on our partners’ behalf. Our three core messages are: How do we help you grow? How do we help you optimize? How do we help you reduce risk? I believe the announcements in October will do all three of those things: help partners grow, help partners become more efficient and reduce risk.

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