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RackTop Systems Ups Channel Investment And Partner Program

Rachael Espaillat

CRO of RackTop Systems, a vendor offering cyberstorage solutions, shares how the company is making a greater investment in the channel with the expansion of their partner program.

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From new levels of channel partner participation to training, RackTop Systems, an enterprise data management vendor, increased its investment in the channel and its partner program.

Rich Shea, chief revenue officer at the Fulton, Maryland-based company talks about the strategy and investments during an episode of CRN’s Partner Program Pitch series.

“The strategy for RackTop Systems is to achieve their market revenue and business objectives through the reseller partner community. That is our primary commitment. It will be our primary investments in the field,” said Shea.

RackTop Systems’ partner, GreenPages, says the vendor’s offering helps the solution provider build trust with customers.

“When you deliver the outcome that is expected out of a platform like RackTop Systems to a customer, Well then she or he will understand that really, if you built trust into your customers

Environments and certainly from a security perspective, you kind of buy a customer for life,

that‘s what they bring to the table,” Mario Brum, director of technical & business advisory services at GreenPages Technology said.

Here’s more of what Shea had to say about the program:

RackTop has added levels of channel partner participation, training, incentives, expanded subscription and consumption-based product offerings to the partner program. How has adding something like training and incentives improve the experience for partners?

Being a channel individual is a really difficult space because they are selling a portfolio of products, so they have to choose where to invest their time in order to get the maximum return

for themselves and for their company.

So, our job with these incentives is to reach those individuals, arm them with what we think is

something really special that ultimately will result in more business for themselves and for their company.

How does the partner program motivate its partners?

We’re very serious about deal registration and honesty and integrity in the channel.

It’s about trying to accelerate the sales process, give them information that they can articulate to the customer leverage to rapidly answer customers questions and

move the opportunity along, ultimately, to close.

Our intention is to be able to create an enormous quantity of value for our partners.

And that is margin as well as customer acquisition.

Rachael Espaillat

Rachael Espaillat is a multimedia journalist who joined CRNtv in December 2021. She interviews CEOs and other IT experts to deliver stories that matter most to channel partners. She can be reached at

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