Watch: Opportunities In The Public Sector

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What are the most profitable, growing areas in the public sector for solution providers right now? The fact that security is in high demand is no surprise, but mobility, education and cloud are up there too.

"Of course, the cloud computing space is a real opportunity for growth,” said President of California Green Information Technologies Sean Burke. "Cybersecurity is a huge opportunity for growth -- and, in this space, taking a look at purpose-built devices that incorporate both hardware and software in an upgraded system that's designed to be able to make people do things more efficiently."

In education, K-12 presents enormous growth. “What we're seeing ourselves today is security, for instance, access control and video surveillance," said ePlus Technology Vice President George T. Pashardis.

And that growth is rapid so education solution providers don't want to miss the rush.

"It’s coming quick, you know; there's deadlines as soon as next year, so the K through 12 space is really jumping on that,” said Katherine Murray of California-based SIGMAnet.


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