How-To: Get The Attention Of The CEO

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It's not easy to get the attention of the CEO of your company, even if you hold a C-suite position like chief data officer. IBM Emerging Roles Leader Cortnie Abercrombie has practical advice for those looking to leverage themselves professionally and hold the interest of a CEO.

IBM runs C-suite studies that survey some 4,000 C-suite executives, from CEOs to COOs. From this data, Abercrombie suggests that you focus less on efficiency and cost reduction to get closer to the CEO, and more on higher business values.

"More inspiration, less perspiration -- because that's what they're focused on," Abercrombie said.

Specifically, CEOs are interested in building customer experiences. "CEOs are really seeking collaborative relationships with their customers," Abercrombie said.

To reach a CEO, don't underestimate the marketing department. According to IBM's studies, chief marketing officers are second only to chief financial officers in helping to formulate business strategy.

"I would encourage you to take the marketing and operations route," Abercrombie said. "Understand how they're driving the customer experience."


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