Michael Dell Calls HP Split 'Chaos'

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When Dell CEO Michael Dell took the stage opposite The Channel Company CEO Robert Faletra at the IT Best of Breed Summit Monday, it was obvious to everyone in the room what Faletra’s first question would be.

’I don’t want to spend a ton of time on the ’other’ company today,’ Faletra said, referring, of course, to last week’s news that Hewlett-Packard will split into two companies in the next year. ’What do you think of the whole move?’ Faletra asked.

’Look, they’re going to go through a period of being distracted,’ Dell said. ’There’s chaos in trying to separate two large entities like that.’

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Dell said his company is pulling ahead of the pack of giant vendor companies, growing ’significantly faster than all of the other big guys.’

’We’re absolutely going in a different direction with end-to-end solutions,’ Dell said.

Dell also addressed questions about the highly competitive public cloud space, and how partners interested in mobility could make money in that space with Dell.

’Clearly there’s the notebook, the tablet, and then there is how you securely manage all of the mobile devices,’ Dell said. ’And we have great solutions for that.’

Dell said his company will not move into the mobile devices space.