Inside HPE's New Class of Hybrid Architecture, 'Synergy'

Hewlett Packard Enterprise launched a new ’composable’ Synergy Architecture Tuesday, and Converged Systems vice president Paul Miller gave CRNtv an exclusive sneak peek at the technology.

’It’s built of composable compute, composable storage, composable fabric: all the elements you need to run your workload,’ Miller said.

Miller said the new architecture targets customers who want a private cloud experience ’in their own data center.’ Customers can automate applications through single-touch processes at ’cloud-like speed.’ HPE will develop and deploy sets of templates, and Miller said the company is encouraging partners to establish their own portfolios of templates designed for specific workloads to offer to end-users.

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’Because it’s compute, storage, and fabric all as one, you’re selling an entire system, and customers want to buy that entire system. So you’re building up a bigger margin pool there. The services you can build by developing these templates – again, [it is] easy to do, partners can build bigger services on top of them,’ he said.

The Synergy Architecture will be available at the beginning of the second quarter of next year.