Is An MBA Necessary For Success In Business?

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The total cost of an MBA at Harvard is an estimated $102,000 a year. At that price, how much difference does an MBA make in the real world?

“I’ve got a lot of young people who are qualified up to their eyeballs with MBAs and BAs, but not a shred of common sense” said Optiv's Wendy Hoey.

Ingram Micro's Gina Masanuano said a lot of the degree’s worth depends on circumstances.

“I think it depends on where they are in their career, and it depends on the area,” she said.

“Past a certain level, I don’t even look at education anymore,” she added.

Verizon's Wendy Petty agreed and said she values experience over an impressive education.

Red Hat's Margaret-Ann Bolton said for those individuals who are looking to switch to business, an MBA will help the transition.

“If they’re trying to make a change in their career, like if they’re on one path and they really want to do something that’s completely different,” she said.

"What I found with an MBA that is so valuable is when you haven’t done your undergrad in business, and your education is in a different area, it is a huge benefit to learn if you’re going into marketing, or finance or sales,” said Extreme Networks' Paige Powers.

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