Customer Service Experiences Are Top of Mind For Manufacturers, According to IDC

Research firm IDC predicts that by the year 2022, 80 percent of the top 100 manufacturers worldwide will create some type of ’immersive customer service experience.’

When IDC asked manufacturers what their top drivers for service lifecycle management are, the answers focused on customer experience.

Manufacturers ranked faster response to product quality issues and customer complaints above cuttings costs, which typically pulls rank in business priorities.

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Heather Ashton, research manager at IDC, said the answers indicate a shift in concerns by manufacturers.

’Customer centricity for manufacturing is a business priority,’ she said.

Ashton said manufacturers increasingly need to build customer-centric services into all of their products and offerings. Innovations like augmented reality have only helped streamline this transformation.

One solution that has improved customer service are ’cognitive learning, in the call center,’ according to Ashton.

This shift in priorities applies to both business customers and consumers. Top services include self-help portals that are less automated, and more connected with live advisors and consultants.