Mobility Minute: Generating Revenue Through Mobile Device Management, BYOD Policies For SMBs

Research firm IDC predicts that the mobile workforce will increase by nearly 10 million individuals by 2020. Pretty staggering numbers, and solution providers like Swift Chip already are reaping the benefits.

’We are now starting to see mobile device management happening for the SMB market, which is very exciting because it means new revenue opportunities, new capabilities, and new ways we can differentiate ourselves from our competition,’ said Ken May, CEO of Los Angeles-based Swift Chip.

Swift Chip remotely manages the mobile devices its SMB customers' employees use daily, and May said mobile device management presents "a very good margin opportunity."

When it comes to BYOD, Swift Chip helps customers decide whether to allow employees to use their own devices for work. If the answer is yes, the solution provider then separates private company data from personal information on those devices.

’They realize now that this is a very important security vulnerability that needs to be addressed.’

Finally, Swift Chip guides SMB customers through developing BYOD policies, informs employees of those policies and monitors any security risks.

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