Red Hat Offers New Tools For An Automated Enterprise

Joe Fitzgerald, VP of Management–Business at Red Hat spoke with CRNtv about the recent product announcements made at the 2017 Red Hat Summit in Boston, Mass. Fitzgerald said that its cloud management platform, CloudForms, and predictive analytics tool, Red Hat Insights, are helping deliver on the vision of the automated enterprise.

"CloudForms is used to manage multi-cloud environments, and the key feature in that release is Ansible Inside, which is incredible open source automation technology," Fitzgerald said.

Red Hat Insights is the company’s predictive analytics capability, which tells users what is going on within their systems, and efficiently automates getting issues fixed without having to involve actual workers. "It’s a really powerful tool for enterprises to automate," said Fitzgerald.

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He also explained that business is getting more and more complex, with IT environments using multi-clouds as well as new container technologies, making it hard for individuals to keep up with the management of these systems.

"Because of this, automation is premium. You see this in consumer things like self-driving cars and home automation. It has to come to enterprise IT. Otherwise, businesses are not going to be able to keep up with the demands on them."

Regarding growth, Ansible is a huge opportunity for partners. Fitzgerald said that the technology is driving demand for people who can help enterprises adopt the technology and automate both their old and new processes, especially those that will help deliver their competitive applications.

"I would highly recommend for everyone in the supply chain to get comfortable with Ansible in order to help their customers," he said.