Mobility Minute: Samsung's DeX Platform Boosts Flexible, Mobile Workforce

Nearly half of the American workforce is spending at least some time working remotely, according to a new Gallup survey. Solution providers can leverage this growing mobile workforce by offering new ways to utilize mobile devices to power desktop computing experiences.

"It really takes advantage of the fact that people are mobile. Really their go-to device is the mobile phone, and we really want to extend that value to the desktop environment," said Wong.

That value comes from providing a simple, convenient way to deliver an Android desktop experience that’s powered by the S8 phone. And it's simple to use. You just dock your Galaxy S8 into the DeX station, which connects to a monitor keyboard and mouse, creating a mobile-powered desktop experience.

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"Users can have seamless interaction with the applications that are on their phone. They can resize windows. They can maximize them. They can minimize them, and they can just stay productive," Wong said. "We are really building this thing as a productivity tool."

Overall, it's a trend solution providers should watch as they engage with mobile-centric customers who are looking for ways to empower their workforce.