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Red Hat's Paul Cormier Discusses The Impact Of On Enterprise Computing

Morgan Healey

After a wave of new product announcements at the 2017 Red Hat Summit in Boston, the company's President of Product and Technologies, Paul Cormier, spoke with CRNtv about the impact of

" is now bringing to our developers a toolchain to really have the ability to code their applications, cloud-ready, from day one," said Cormier.

He explained that one of the most exciting parts for him personally is the fact that Red Hat has built AI into helping the developer look for the right packages and really understand the nuances.

"This is all based on us doing fifteen years of enterprise support on open source technology, so using all of that to help those developers build and deploy container-based applications that much more quickly is really cool for us."

The real key in implementing this technology, a theme woven throughout the fabric of all literature during the event, is the notion of efficiency. Cormier mentioned that a big goal for Red Hat is simply to improve the quality of life in multiple verticals by making it easier for companies to capitalize on using this type of high-level system.

"Everybody talked about the cloud. Everyone said that applications would move to the public cloud, but now, people are actually integrating it into their own environment, and that’s where the rubber meets the road," said Cormier.

Red Hat has been working tirelessly with customers to implement and integrate public cloud into their overall IT structure.

"Seeing this work in real life, solving real life problems is very exciting to us."

One example of the many ways this technology is used is the emergency room application. With, hospitals can take advantage of having an application built quickly to assist with their daily, time-sensitive and mission-critical tasks.

"We’re watching this transformation of the hybrid cloud happen right before our eyes, with our technologies," Cormier explained.

He called Linux, the leading open source platform for data centers, a "foundation for innovation." Powerful solutions like cloud and Hadoop, Cormier said, wouldn’t be here without Linux.

"The community has built these really powerful solutions to the point that it is changing what infrastructure looks like in the enterprise."

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