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Mobility Minute: Extending Virtual Desktop Solutions Beyond The Office Environment

Morgan Healey

Enterprises can now extend their virtual desktop infrastructure beyond the office, to provide a secure and consistent computing experience to their distributed workforces – accessible on just about any device. While virtual desktop apps on smartphones allow workers to access their desktop on the go, the smaller screen can be constraining for some tasks.

That’s where Samsung DeX comes in. DeX allows users to run their virtual desktop from their Galaxy S8 connected to a full-sized monitor, keyboard and mouse.

"Not only can they get into their virtual Windows desktops, but they can also seamlessly interact, and access their Android applications on their Galaxy S8 phone. So you can have that seamless interaction of mobile and desktop, as well as native and virtual, as well as Android and Windows from a virtual perspective," said Jonathan Wong, Director of Product Marketing at Samsung.

The idea is that your customers get more out of the investments they've already made – both in their smartphones and in VDI solutions from companies such as Citrix, VMware, Amazon and Microsoft.

"It’s not just a solution, but it’s a platform for our partners. It allows them to create, not just solutions, but services and support that entire office-of-the-future/mobile-desktop-of-the-future type of experience," said Wong.

The time is now to leverage this mobile VDI trend. The VDI market is expected to grow by 11 percent annually by the year 2020, according to research firm Technavio.

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