Cisco's Jennifer Hewlette: Partners See Better Business Results With Digital Marketing

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Cisco's Director of Strategic Partner Marketing, Jennifer Hewlette, discussed the importance of building out "modern marketing practices" during the 2017 Women of the Channel Conference in Napa, California.

"Partners who are taking advantage of these practices are growing 19 percent faster than the partners who are not," said Hewlette.

She said it is critical for companies to think about not only the practices they have in place for monitoring trends and reaching out to prospective clients but also to consider the people they are hiring to do the job.

"When marketers are the best, business is better. It's just a fact," said Hewlette.

After being asked by partners about the most important characteristics in a marketer, she had two responses.   

"The first skill is data-driven decision making. We have to hire people who like numbers, people who are passionate about data and want to get into the deep of it, understand it, figure out how to make it relevant, and take action on it," said Hewlette.

The second skill was adaptability. "This is really a critical and core skill," Hewlette said. "Don't just be comfortable with how things are. Be a driver of change, an implementer of change. Be a leader of change within your organization because it's part of what we need to do to succeed."

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