Three Skills You Must Have To Thrive In The Age of AI

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Artificial intelligence is changing the way we work, but not in the way you might think.

In their new book, “Human and Machine: Reimagining Work in The Age of AI,” Accenture’s Paul Daugherty and Jim Wilson present the view that machines won’t necessarily take away our jobs but instead will create new ones that will require us to work more closely with the machines.  The authors say we'll need to develop a handful of new skills to remain relevant in the workplace.

Wilson outlined a few of those skills in an interview with CRNtv.  Those skills include: judgement integration, relentless reimagining and intelligent interrogation.  

Capital One is among the few companies that has successfully developed those skills.  Wilson said the company’s integration with Alexa, which lets users manage their checking accounts with their voice, is an example of the company’s relentless reimagining. 



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