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CA Technologies' Otto Berkes Discusses Responsible Artificial Intelligence

Diana Blass

CA Technologies’ Otto Berkes spends a lot of time thinking about what’s next in technology, and right now that’s artificial intelligence.

’I know that AI and machine learning are going through a hype cycle, but nevertheless it’s very real and I’m very excited about the opportunities around using data to really capture meaningful and actionable information,’ he said.

Berkes is the chief technology officer at CA Technologies in New York. Berkes joined CA in 2015, having previously worked at HBO, Microsoft and Xbox. One of the products he and his team have been focused: Advanced Analytics, a platform using artificial intelligence to harness data from applications and then using that data to create insights, helping those applications to perform better.

But, as concerns continue over data privacy, Berkes say it’s critical that enterprises stop the collection of personal and identifiable information.

’Data and all the concerns around privacy and personal information are very real and something enterprises have to address,’ said Berkes. ’One of the things you have to do when you test a large-scale application dealing with personal information is to use representative information as part of that testing.’

Berkes is playing a role at CA in developing new products to make it easier for enterprises to play by that rule. One product, for example, has the ability to strip out sensitive information and substitute it with proxies of information that isn’t tied to an individual.

’So, the testing can be very accurate and simulate real world conditions without exposing personal vulnerability,’ said Berkes.

Berkes comments came in an interview with CRNtv. More of his insights can be found in CRNtv’s new series: #TwoMinutes.

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