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WATCH: Tips To Succeed In Digital Transformation, According To Avaya Chief Technologist

Avaya Chief Technologist Jean Turgeon says most companies are failing to achieve true digital transformation because they don’t understand its true purpose: to help people create their own experiences, shape their own journeys, and arrive at their own outcomes.

He has a point: Research shows that 89 percent of businesses today have started digital transformation initiatives, according to a Fujitsu survey, but only about 30 percent have created positive outcomes. Turgeon discusses how companies can change that in an interview with CRNtv.

“A lot of people think it’s a choice between this and this—and it’s not. You know people look at cloud today and say, I’m on-prem [a private cloud instance] and I have to move services to the public cloud. Well, not necessarily. You can move some event services into the public cloud while you maintain some services on-prem. So, it’s an evolution of both that have to coexist,” says Turgeon, who adds that it’s important for companies to maintain a balance. They must maintain their original feel, he says, despite contemporary changes. That means implementing technology that fits into a company’s customer-serving culture, which evolves as needed.

“Ultimately, what we want is the consumer agility and flexibility,” he says. “If you want something on your device, you go to the Apple Store or the Play Store and you download the apps you want to consume. It’s agile. It’s quick. And, there’s some sort of reliability that’s achieved through that. The market now wants this applied to the enterprise: the midmarket and even the SMEs.”

And, at the heart of it, personalization is key. Turgeon says companies should invest in smarter measurement tools that give real-time insight into customer experiences and collaboration tools that empower employees and promote quick problem-solving.

Avaya is based in Santa Clara, Calif. It specializes in contact center and unified communications solutions. Watch the video included in this article for more tips.

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