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‘Unprecedented’ Google-Mandiant Integration In Full Swing: Cloud Security VP

Mark Haranas

Google Cloud security leader Jeff Reed talks to CRN about the integration already underway and plans for Google Cloud and Mandiant, as well as how Google’s security strategy differentiates from AWS and Microsoft.

How big of an impact is Mandiant going to have in terms of partners’ ability to make money with Google-Mandiant?

Mandiant is unprecedented in terms of new capabilities that Mandiant has brought in. Nothing else is even like it in terms of the amount of security capabilities that we’ve brought into Google Cloud.

We’ve been doing a ton of work with great incremental progress.

Mandiant is a step function in terms of capabilities, both from a security operations perspective and the product side, but also the incident response and the consulting capabilities.

Also the relationships that they have throughout the world with both enterprises and government institutions is really amazing. I’m so excited.

Where does the Google-Mandiant integration timeline stand as of now?

We just closed on it, but work has already been underway.

There’s a very common vision between the leadership of both companies around how the pieces fit together.

There’s essentially zero percent overlap. So in many large acquisitions like this the [two merging companies] practically have the same thing. There’s none of that here.

We know that Mandiant had excellent threat intelligence, so it’s about how do we bring that threat intel on Chronicle as soon as possible? They do a bunch of things in a proactive perspective, so how do we do that now [at Google]?

Another good example is the Mandiant incident response teams are rebasing the tools that they use when they’re called in to investigate a breach, so it runs on top of Chronicle.

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