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10 Hot DevOps Companies To Watch In 2023

Wade Tyler Millward

Microsoft, Red Hat, Mondoo and Crowdbotics are among the DevOps companies CRN is watching this year.

Microsoft, Red Hat, Mondoo and Crowdbotics are among the development operations (DevOps) companies CRN is watching this year.

A mix of established tech giants and upstarts, these DevOps companies have a shared goal of offering tools to help customers bring coding projects to market faster and in a more secure way.

Even with multiple IT vendors reporting a slowdown in new business and laying off thousands of employees as a technology boom during the height of the pandemic gives way to customers optimizing their current tech stacks, some signs point to DevOps continuing to grab a piece of customer budgets.

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DevOps Companies In 2023

A January survey of chief information officers conducted by investment firm KeyBanc Capital Markets showed DevOps as ranking among the least likely IT projects to get cut, ahead of consulting projects and technologies such as flash storage, PC operating systems, wireless local access network (LAN), systems management software and printers.

Eighty-one percent of those surveyed said they expect no change to the budget priority of infrastructure DevOps tools, and 13 percent said they expect an increase in priority for those tools – putting infrastructure DevOps tools ahead of contact center applications and IT maintenance services.

Few CIOs in the survey anticipated cutting developers and engineers in the next 12 months. And 59 percent said they would keep developer and engineer headcounts flat. Twenty-nine percent said they would increase the rate of hiring for those roles year over year.

What within DevOps is expected to get more budget priority over the year? At 46 percent, test automation received the highest response from the KeyBanc survey. Development security operations (DevSecOps) and application security came next at 44 percent of respondents, followed by Kubernetes platforms at 32 percent.

As for the vendors you need to know, here are the ones CRN is watching in 2023.

Wade Tyler Millward

Wade Tyler Millward is an associate editor covering cloud computing and the channel partner programs of Microsoft, IBM, Red Hat, Oracle, Salesforce, Citrix and other cloud vendors. He can be reached at

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