2024 Partner Program Guide: 5-Star Cloud Platform And Infrastructure Vendor Programs

As part of the annual Partner Program Guide, CRN designates some vendor channel programs as 5-Star Programs. Here are the 5-Star Programs among cloud platform and infrastructure vendors for 2024.

The Sky’s The Limit For Cloud Partner Programs

A great deal of IT processing has shifted from on-premises to the cloud in recent years and cloud platforms and services – and the solution providers and MSPs that work with them – a critical part of the IT operations at many businesses and organizations today.

The CRN 2024 Partner Program Guide offers the information solution providers need to evaluate the channel programs operated by the IT vendors they work with or are considering partnering with. The guide is based on detailed applications submitted by vendors – more than 280 this year – outlining all aspects of their partner programs.

As part of the Partner Program Guide, CRN designates some programs as 5-Star Partner Programs because they provide the most comprehensive lineups of incentives, resources, training, services and benefits.

Here we provide snapshots of the 5-Star designees in the cloud platforms and infrastructure space. Details of every vendor’s partner program can be found at CRN.com.

Slide shows in the 5-Star Partner Program Guide series running this week include companies that provide products and services in cloud platforms and infrastructure, devices and peripherals, data storage and backup, networking and unified communications, security, software, and systems and data center, in addition to 5-Star partner programs operated by distributors and emerging vendors.

While many companies provide products and services that span multiple technologies, we’ve assigned each vendor to the slide show for the technology category in which they are most prominent.

11:11 Systems

Program Name: 11:11 Systems Partner Program

Year Program Established: 1995

Channel Chief: Koorosh Khashayar, SVP, Global Channels

Most Significant Changes To Partner Program Over The Past Year: In 2024, we're focused on our partnerships – adding new channel partners to the 11:11 Partner Program and continuing to invest in our existing partners. We're also streamlining our solution portfolio as well as adding new products to support new cloud, connectivity, and security solutions the market demands.

Partner Program Details: https://www.crn.com/partner-program-guide/ppg2024-details?c=1

Akamai Technologies

Program Name: Akamai Partner Program

Year Program Established: 2011

Channel Chief: David Allen, VP, Partner Sales and Services

Most Significant Changes To Partner Program Over The Past Year: We introduced an additional pricing discount on approved deal registrations for eligible products and a new pathway for program level advancement, expanded monthly product and industry calls to include partners, streamlined our partner recruitment and onboarding process, and introduced a new partner portal UX for the newly established proposal-based MDF program.

Partner Program Details: https://www.crn.com/partner-program-guide/ppg2024-details?c=7

Amazon Web Services

Program Name: AWS Partner Network (APN) Program

Year Program Established: 2012

Channel Chief: Julia Chen, VP, AWS Partner Core

Most Significant Changes To Partner Program Over The Past Year: At re:Invent 2023 we shared 10 key enhancements across partner programs and services to enable ease of doing business, reduce cost of working with us, and expand [partner] opportunity at every stage of [partners’] AWS journey. We're creating levers that [partners] can use to deliver revenue growth.

Partner Program Details: https://www.crn.com/partner-program-guide/ppg2024-details?c=9


Program Name: Cloudflare Partner Network

Year Program Established: 2013

Channel Chief: Matthew Harrell, Global Head of Channels & Alliances

Most Significant Changes To Partner Program Over The Past Year: Cloudflare's newly-created partner Reward-for-Value model for specializations around zero trust, managed services and professional services. This follows the notable demand in the SASE/zero trust market and prioritization to equip Cloudflare's partners and business. Cloudflare application and network security, and SASE/zero trust are now available on a consumption basis.

Partner Program Details: https://www.crn.com/partner-program-guide/ppg2024-details?c=50


Program Name: Fastly Global Partner Network

Year Program Established: 2022

Channel Chief: Parket Zanios, Sr. Director, Global Channel Sales

Most Significant Changes To Partner Program Over The Past Year: This year we added partner packages, and simplified pricing. Additionally, we focused on our go-to-market motion by simplifying our ordering process and ability to receive go-to-market funds. We brought on new head count to help recruit and onboard new partners, and headcount for partner enablement.

Partner Program Details: https://www.crn.com/partner-program-guide/ppg2024-details?c=98

Google Cloud

Program Name: Google Cloud Partner Advantage

Year Program Established: 2019

Channel Chief: Kevin Ichhpurani, VP, Global Partner Ecosystem & Channels

Most Significant Changes To Partner Program Over The Past Year: In 2023 we evolved program requirements to raise the bar on customer excellence. We placed greater emphasis on skilled capacity and service capabilities, expanded partners' service-capable talent by focusing on individual certifications, and we introduced product track-specific partner requirements for Google Cloud, Google Workspace and Chrome.

Partner Program Details: https://www.crn.com/partner-program-guide/ppg2024-details?c=108


Program Name: Global HYCU Partner Program

Year Program Established: 2021

Channel Chief: Jessica Degenhardt, Sr. Director, Americas Channel

Most Significant Changes To Partner Program Over The Past Year: The introduction of R-Cloud and R-Graph, a first-of-its-kind tool that allows partners a brand new revenue stream to visualize their entire data estate, including SaaS apps. As part of this, HYCU offers specific certification and training to make this effort successful for them.

Partner Program Details: https://www.crn.com/partner-program-guide/ppg2024-details?c=118


Program Name: LogicMonitor Partner Program

Year Program Established: 2019

Channel Chief: Michael Tarbet, Global VP, MSP & Channel

Most Significant Changes To Partner Program Over The Past Year: Our program delivers joint business planning to ensure go-to-market alignment, deal registration to capture new customers, incentives to motivate partner sellers, marketing development funds (MDF) to drive co-marketing activities with partners, and a technical sales program to enable partners with knowledge and skills to be successful in the field.

Partner Program Details: https://www.crn.com/partner-program-guide/ppg2024-details?c=148


Program Name: Sherweb Partner Program

Year Program Established: 2010

Channel Chief: Jim O’Driscoll, VP, Sales

Most Significant Changes To Partner Program Over The Past Year: Our partner program underwent strategic alignment with key priorities like Azure and cybersecurity. While not revolutionary, these adjustments enhance partner support, offering Microsoft Azure integration and specialized training. These efforts ensure our program remains adaptable and proactive in the rapidly evolving technology landscape.

Partner Program Details: https://www.crn.com/partner-program-guide/ppg2024-details?c=224