The 20 Coolest Cloud Monitoring And Management Companies Of The 2024 Cloud 100

Harness, Virtana and New Relic are among CRN’s coolest cloud monitoring, observability and management companies of the 2024 Cloud 100.

Artificial intelligence-powered assistants, more integrations and enhanced capabilities made the case for this year’s cloud monitoring and management companies that made CRN’s 2024 Cloud 100 list.

Although AI dominated headlines in 2023 and will be a major talking point this year, cloud computing will be the driving force in the IT industry for years to come, according to a recent report from Forrester.

“In the next decade, we’ll see the rise of the intelligent composable cloud,” said Forrester analysts in the company’s 2023 ‘The Future Of Cloud’ report. “Customers will compose their own clouds—not only for IT but also for operational technology (OT), commercial and consumer cloud capabilities.

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Cloud 100 Monitoring, Management Companies

In November, Gartner said that worldwide end-user spending on public cloud services should grow 20.4 percent to $678.8 billion in 2024, up from $563.6 billion in 2023. Organizations deploying generative AI services will look to the public cloud because of the scale of infrastructure required, meaning that cloud providers need to address cost, economics, sovereignty, privacy and sustainability concerns.

Cue the cloud monitoring and management companies and their fleet of solution providers ready to aid users with rightsizing cloud environments and making sure they stay secure.

Read on for the coolest companies taking on cloud monitoring and management.


Ronak Desai

SVP, GM, Cisco AppDynamics, Full-Stack Observability

A mix of organic and inorganic innovation for AppDynamics unfolded in 2023. Among the biggest advancements were parent company Cisco Systems’ purchase of Smartlook—whose qualitative analytics capabilities go well with AppDynamics' Digital Experience Monitoring features—and a new OpenTelemetry-based integration of AppDynamics and ThousandEyes so that partners and end customers can determine if a performance problem is stemming from the network or application faster and using less tools.


Mehdi Daoudi

Co-Founder, CEO

Catchpoint reported in December a strong finish to 2023, with two consecutive quarters of double-digit growth and high retention rates. On the innovation side, the company enhanced its Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM) platform with an on-demand expert team of engineers focused on website and application performance and resilience during critical events. It launched dozens of new nodes during the year, the ability to compare browser rendering waterfall, sub-second network testing and other capabilities.


Craig Hinkley


A new CEO, CEO and CTO are among the moves CloudBolt made in 2023 to better position the itself in this hot market.

Product updates during 2023 include a display condition plugin that allows users to write a plugin to specify when the action shows, a revamped self-service portal and more functionality with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and other leading offerings.


Olivier Pomel

Co-Founder, CEO

More support for AWS serverless workloads, greater integration with Google Cloud and Vertex AI, and Bits, a generative AI-based assistant, were among the updates Datadog rolled out during 2023.

The company also added identity, vulnerability and app-level findings to its Security Inbox during the year and 15 months of data retention for Cloud SIEM, with additional detection and exploration capabilities, among its product updates.


Walter Scott


Devo made a host of new offerings and updated capabilities available to users in 2023.

Among the rollouts were a threat intelligence feed that provides community-based intelligence sharing of threat activity and trends and an autonomous alert investigation and threat hunting service that uses attack-tracing AI.


Rick McConnell


Inorganic and organic efforts to take Dynatrace’s offerings to the next level landed the vendor on this year’s Cloud 100.

Dynatrace acquired debugging products company Rookout to help developers deliver secure releases without flaws, and during the year, the company achieved AWS’ Security Competency, unveiled a new Kubernetes Experience for platform engineering teams and adapted core innovations for users of Dynatrace on Microsoft Azure., among other advancements.


Jim Ryan

President, CEO

Toward the end of 2023, Flexera set itself up as a major contender this year with its agreement to acquire Snow Software to deliver greater insight and visibility into assets, technologies, terms of licensing, usage and other measures.

The company also launched a version of Flexera One IT Asset Management (ITAM) designed to automate IBM-only license reporting. It made generally available (GA) a service aimed at enterprise financial operations (FinOps) and cloud usage allocation, hybrid IT estate management and other functions.


Jyoti Bansal

Co-Founder, CEO

Harness started 2024 with a acquisition announcement, buying continuous deployment company Armory to bring more capabilities for developers.

But the company also saw major advancements during 2023 as well, including the acquisition of engineering productivity tools company Propelo, the launch of AI assistant Aida plus modules for code repository, internal developer portal, infrastructure-as-code management and software supply chain assurance.


Christina Kosmowski


LogicMonitor made deep investments in AI during 2023, including the unveiling of GenAI-based user assistant LM Co-Pilot.

The company also launched the Dexda AI service for hybrid observability. Other innovations from LogicMonitor during the year included expanded integrations, insight and workflows to the LM Envision Platform.


Vadim Vladimirskiy

Co-Founder, CEO

In 2023, Nerdio made version 5.0 of its Manager for Enterprise platform GA, bringing unified application management (UAM) functionality for Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) virtual machines (VMs), Windows 365 Cloud PCs and physical desktops.

The company continued to iterate on its platform, with auto-scaling profiles, the ability to back up and restore Intune policies from the Unified Endpoint Manager (UEM) console and an easier way to suspend and wake personal desktops from the Nerdio end-user portal among the updates.


Lingping Gao

Founder, Chairman, CEO

NetBrain revamped its channel partner program in 2023 and launched version v11 of its Next-Gen flagship product.

The company extended its no-code network automation capabilities to every hybrid multi-cloud environment and simplified the ability to capture and scale intent-based network management, among other advancements in the new version.

New Relic

Ashan Willy


New Relic concluded 2023 with the experienced Ashan Willy as its new leader plus a new investor group owner led by Francisco Partners and TPG.

In terms of product advancement, the company launched a video-like playback feature to reproduce and resolve issues faster and an application performance monitoring (APM) offering for AI-powered applications.


Marcin Kurc

Co-Founder, CEO

Nobl9 introduced its Reliability Center as a single source of truth for thousands of service-level objectives for users’ customer-facing and mission-critical software.

The company later revealed new Reliability Center integrations with Microsoft Azure Monitor and Cisco Observability Platform.


Jennifer Tejada

Chairwoman, CEO

Advancements to the PagerDuty Copilot assistive automation service, the acquisition of Jeli and new AIOps and automation capabilities for PagerDuty Operations Cloud marked some of the biggest news from the company in 2023.

The company’s assistant advancements included a Slack-based, generative AI assistant that delivers helpful insight across the entire incident life cycle. Jeli promises to add more incident management capabilities to PagerDuty’s offerings. And event orchestration and runbook automation are among the AIOps and automation capabilities unveiled by PagerDuty.


Dave Link

Founder, CEO

ScienceLogic put itself in a prime position for 2024 with early access for its Hollywood update to the SL1 platform—an update planned for an early 2024 GA release.

The company promised users accelerated AIOps adoption through converting insight into automated actions. SL1 gained an improved user interface, AI- and ML-driven root cause analysis (RCA), a low- and no-code toolkit, and integrations to Slack, WebEx and other collaboration systems.

Spectro Cloud

Tenry Fu

Co-Founder, CEO

One of the younger companies on the Cloud 100, Spectro Cloud last year landed an undisclosed amount of investment in a round led by Qualcomm Ventures.

Alongside the new investment, meant to help enhance Spectro’s Kubernetes management offerings, the company debuted a Palette EdgeAI product for deploying and managing AI workloads at scale across retail, health care, oil and gas, connected cars and other edge locations.

The company also rolled out a new Palette VerteX Edition and Spectro Cloud Government practice to bring more Kubernetes management and security to the public sector.

Unravel Data

Kunal Agarwal

Co-Founder, CEO

Unravel Data came out swinging in 2023 with new enhancements for Databricks, Snowflake and Google Cloud BigQuery users.

The company unveiled a new collaboration to enable Databricks customers to leverage Unravel’s purpose-built AI for the Lakehouse, a Snowflake offering to aid with cloud data cost management and better allocation, performance and cost optimization of SQL queries for BigQuery, among other advancements.

Veritas Technologies

Greg Hughes


As Veritas invested in product enhancement, it also introduced its Managed Service Provider Program in 2023 to better connect MSPs with incentives, training and flexible pricing models.

The company’s product enhancements included Veritas 360 Defense, an architecture uniting data protection, data governance and data security capabilities. Microsoft became the first 360 Defense partner to achieve Veritas RedLab Validation for its security services.


Kash Shaikh

President, CEO

A new channel chief, the acquisition of Kubernetes observability platform OpsCruise and innovations in AI and infrastructure monitoring made Virtana a force in 2023.

Before the year ended, the company secured patents related to AI and machine learning application dependency mapping, cloud migration and cost optimization. Virtana also released CloudMonitor, which aims to reduce hybrid IT environment monitoring and managing.

Zebra Technologies

Bill Burns


Although perhaps better known for its hardware offerings, Zebra Technologies made big strides in 2023 with its cloud offerings under new CEO Burns.

The company’s Workcloud has worker engagement, collaboration, inventory management, inventory forecasting, replenishment and loss prevention capabilities for retail, banking and health-care organizations. Zebra Pay, launched last year, provides a mobile payment service and cloud-based portal for deployments, hardware status, transactions and an audit.