CSC Picks Skytap To Power CloudLab

With Skytap on board, the companies will target commercial and government agencies and help them make the move to the cloud. CloudLab, Skytap said, is available now through the CSC Gateway, an e-commerce portal for hosting cloud services.

According to Skytap, CloudLab is a cloud-based development and test service delivered as SaaS that offers on-demand access to a precisely configured, highly scalable and secure environment that accelerates development, maximizes productivity, avoids capital expense and lowers development cost.

CloudLab supports the application development lifecycle and eliminates the wait for physical machines and the budgeting processes tied to procuring new equipment. Companies no longer have to tear down test environments, which can add cycle times and overhead. CloudLab can also be used for ad hoc capacity for product demonstrations by sales organizations or by training organization to ramp up resources for large training initiatives, Skytap said.

CloudLab leverages Skytap's cloud automation for self-service, unchanged runtime applications, snapshot and suspend capabilities, controlled access and reporting and visibility, the companies said.

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The pairing between CSC and Skytap comes as Skytap continues to make waves in the self-service cloud automation space. The company lets users run enterprise applications unchanged in the cloud, collaborate with global teams and boost productivity. Enterprises connect Skytap to data centers and create virtual private clouds for dynamic workloads like development, testing, virtual training, ERP migration and sales demonstration projects. Earlier this year, Skytap added new capabilities including network automation and organizational policy management, and also made an application available in the Google Apps Marketplace.