CA Gives MSPs Cloud Onramp With 3Tera Play

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CA Technologies on Monday launched a new MSP program around its 3Tera AppLogic cloud computing platform offering, giving MSP's the ability to provide cloud infrastructure to clients and build a business around a recurring revenue stream.

Along with the MSP program around AppLogic, CA also released the latest version of the platform, CA 3Tera AppLogic 2.9.

The new offering and the accompanying MSP program follow after Islandia, N.Y.-based CA's acquisition of 3Tera in February and its other cloud-focused acquisitions totaling more than $1 billion. It's the first CA-branded 3Tera product, which Jay Fry, CA marketing vice president of cloud computing, said is a "turnkey cloud computing platform" that adds "enterprise-grade polish" to 3Tera's existing offerings.

CA 3Tera AppLogic version 2.9 is an application-centric cloud platform that lets users and MSPs boost speed and agility by enabling them to build and deploy rapid and repeatable applications that they can build up and tear down almost instantly in a drag-and-drop fashion, Fry said. A cloud infrastructure can be built in as little as four hours and reusable applications can be pulled from a catalog to enable new business services.

The offering is a fabric that MSPs and enterprises can use to create a compute cloud, or grid, and that manage the resources on the servers in the cloud. It's also a modeling tool to handle the applications and infrastructure that need to be deployed, which is defined through a model. AppLogic then takes that model, interprets it and deploys it on the fabric. Users and MSPs can move applications and their supporting infrastructures from development and test environments, into production environments, by dragging-and-dropping. That removes the need to replicate configurations manually and eases management of spikes or bursts of traffic.


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