CA Gives MSPs Cloud Onramp With 3Tera Play

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"On the MSP side, it provides a platform to them that lets MSPs build infrastructure-as-a-service or software-as-a-service on top, or a virtual data center," Richards said. "The MSP has a self-service portal model built in AppLogic as a single server which a customer clicks to buy."

Mike Michalik, CEO of Cirrhus9, a San Diego-based MSP, said AppLogic has been a driving force behind Cirrhus9's cloud business for the past few years. Cirrhus9 has been using AppLogic to be the cloud provider for its clients. For example, one customer, an ISP, contacted Cirrhus9, which set up and runs and manages its cloud environment and provides the services and support around it. And it's all done through white label.

"With AppLogic, it allows a client to create an internal cloud with commodity hardware," he said. "They can create a private cloud that is flexible and elastic."

Michalik said his company has done a good amount of business with AppLogic, business he expects to grow now that CA has taken the reins.

"Now that people are really starting to get cloud computing, the potential for the product is amazing," he said. "And CA has the resources to take a good product and make it better."

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