Rackspace's OpenStack Cloud: Where Does The Channel Play?

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Josh McDonald, technical services IT manager for HCSS, a Sugar Land, Texas-based construction software and services firm, said his company is currently running its software in Rackspace cloud environments and can see OpenStack coming into play in the future.

McDonald said he sees two potential avenues for OpenStack within HCSS: Utilizing its software and scalability with OpenStack or writing its own software on top of the OpenStack platform.

"If OpenStack takes off, cloud providers are going to be easier to work with," he said.

And so far, it appears OpenStack is poised to take off. Curry said more than 35 technology partners including AMD, Dell, Intel and dozens more, have signed on, and more are on the way. Many of those partners have contributed code to the initiative, Curry said. More than 2,000 patches and bug fixes have been submitted and 57 branches of code have been created on the compute side. Additionally, OpenStack supports multiple hypervisors, and will support more with the Oct. 21 release including Xen, KVM, UVM and VirtualBox.

"Its early success hit a vain of interest," Curry said. "It's a technology that someone can make a bet on."


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