Google CEO: VARs Are 'Fundamental' To Search Giant's Strategy

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Cohn noted that Google has amassed a cache of tools for partners to access to help them win deals, make sales and boost business.

“Google makes a number of resources available to assist partners with marketing, sales and deployments; many of these resources are available to all resellers on a public portal site,” Cohn said. “For strategic partners like Cloud Sherpas, however, we have a dedicated Google Apps channel manager that helps us navigate the growing organization and unique customer challenges. Our partner manager is our champion inside Google and regularly helps us get things done.”

One area where Google has proven its channel matters is in its attention to partner feedback, Cohn said. Cloud Sherpas is a member of the Google Apps Advisory Board, so it has seen first-hand some of the requests from partners, including improving sales processes, internal systems and marketing support. Goggle takes each request to heart and offers solutions swiftly, usually in a quarter’s time, he said.

“If there's one thing we'd say Google could do to help the channel, it would be to continue marketing the Google Apps story in a broad sense,” Cohn said. “Billboards and back page magazine ads are a great start, but we still find customers that don't understand exactly what Google Apps is. There are many success stories on the platform that still need to be told.”

Steven Burke contributed to this article.

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