Dell Services, Symantec Team For Cloud E-Mail Security

Dell Services will leverage Symantec's e-mail security platform as the security engine for its Email Management Services (EMS) portfolio of SaaS offerings. The partnership, which will use the Symantec Hosted Services cloud-based security offerings, will give Dell EMS channel partners and customers improved e-mail security through hosted e-mail anti-virus and anti-spam.

At the start, the offerings will be available via a limited group of Dell's channel partners, but over the next 12 months Dell expects to broaden its reach and target more of its channel, said Mark Bilger, vice president of Dell Services' product group.

"Dell's been working with a small number of large partners and will soon open it up to the wider channel community," he said.

The partnership builds on the existing relationship between Dell Services and Symantec, through which Dell's EMS Email Continuity and EMS Email Archive SaaS offerings are offered to Symantec channel partners. The new partnership will also give Symantec partners the ability to add new capabilities to hosted e-mail.

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"It's a recognition that the two of us [Dell and Symantec] are stronger together than separately," Bilger said, adding that Symantec has been reselling Dell's e-mail offerings for roughly three years and now Dell and its partners will resell Symantec's offering.

The partnership gives Dell partners the ability to offer hosted e-mail anti-virus and anti-spam capabilities including traffic and connection management tools and scanners to identify, slow and reject spam and virus attacks; predictive technology to identify unknown and new viruses and spam; and message tracking and tracing that lets admins determine e-mail statuses as delivered, blocked or in the queue.

Additionally, partners now have access to hosted e-mail image and content control, which offers identification and control of confidential, malicious or inappropriate inbound or outbound e-mail; and aids in enforcement of acceptable email use policies to reduce legal risks and data loss.

Lastly, the Dell Services and Symantec partnership offers e-mail boundary encryption which lets partners and customers leverage secure, encrypted private e-mail networks to protect the privacy and integrity of e-mails and Transport Layer Security (TLS) functionally that can encrypt entire e-mail connections between sender and recipient network boundaries.