IBM Cloud BPM Released Into General Availability

business process management

Unveiled last month, BlueWorks Live gives partners the ability to offer cloud-based BPM as a service. It gives users access to a 20,000 member-strong community and provides the ability to automate simple processes, 200,000 of which are already modeled and documented.

According to IBM, BlueWorks Live lets anyone document, automate and manage business processes without significant IT investment or special training.

"Many people waste valuable time at work managing processes via email," IBM said in a statement. "BlueWorks Live saves time by allowing the automation of processes that are currently run via email. BlueWorks Live allows coworkers to easily collaborate on daily tasks across teams, departments and the organization and provides access to communities focused on process improvement. Process Blueprints in BlueWorks Live can help users discover, map and document processes in a way that is structured and usable by anyone in the company; keeping teams connected and working effectively."

The cloud-based BlueWorks Live service lets users create lightweight BPM applications for expense management, document approval and other tasks while adding the ability to structure and automate ad-hoc processes in 90 seconds. And the channel can deliver BlueWorks Live in a single offering that starts about roughly $10 per user per month.

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IBM BlueWorks Live is the next evolution of Blueprint, IBM's SaaS-based BPM offering that lets users discover, map, document and collaborate on business processes. BlueWorks Live allows processes to be automated and become more "social" by adding social networking elements that let users collaborate with others online across teams, departments and organizations while also providing access to online business process communities.