Cisco, BMC Team Up For Cloud Computing Platform

Under the alliance, Cisco and BMC will align their product roadmaps to build out solutions for cloud computing infrastructures and devise a roadmap to automate the delivery of cloud computing services. Working with technology partners is an integral part of Cisco's cloud computing strategy.

The first fruit of the new pairing between Cisco and BMC is a new cloud computing platform, dubbed the Integrated Cloud Delivery Platform, built to give cloud providers and enterprises running large cloud computing environments the ability to deploy cloud computing services that run on cloud computing infrastructure across data center networks, computing systems, storage and applications.

The products that stem from the allegiance will combine Cisco's networking and computing infrastructure and services with BMC's business service management software to deliver offerings to cloud providers.

"Cisco and BMC have a common vision for advancing cloud computing with unified infrastructure combined with seamless management," Cisco CTO Padmasree Warrior said in a statement. "The Integrated Cloud Delivery Platform enables our customers to deploy end-to-end IT services running on a cloud infrastructure that spans networks, systems, storage and applications."

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The joint Integrated Cloud Delivery Platform also further integrates BMC's Cloud LifeCycle Management (CLM) cloud software orchestration and management offering with Cisco's data center networking, compute and storage systems.

The new Integrated Cloud Delivery Platform, the two companies said, will help large cloud providers automate deployments, reducing the number of steps required to provision cloud computing services. It is built to operate in private, public and hybrid cloud environments. It combines Cisco's Unified Service Delivery and BMC's CLM to enable cloud providers to offer end-to-end cloud services; one-click provisioning of new cloud services; secure, multi-tenant clouds; and leverages a self-service cloud management portal.

Under the alliance Cisco and BMC will launch joint marketing, services, sales, testing and certification activities to fuel the adoption of the new cloud computing platform solutions.

Cisco and BMC have worked together before, around Cisco's Unified Computing System (UCS). Under the new partnership, Cisco will also resell BMC's Service Assurance and Compliance solutions as an option on the UCS.

"As cloud computing evolves from a strategic idea to a business reality, companies are quickly discovering the complexities of deploying and managing cloud solutions in a hybrid data center," said BMC Software CEO and Chairman Bob Beauchamp in a statement. "BMC's alliance with Cisco will enable our customers with large-scale cloud computing environments to make mission-critical cloud services a practical reality for their demanding businesses and customers. IT organizations can be more nimble, cost-efficient, scalable, and, most importantly, better aligned to the business."