Intel Gives MSPs A Hybrid Cloud Leg Up With AppUp

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Intel Tuesday took the wrapping off of new SMB cloud services available through MSPs that the company said gives SMBs the security of on-premise data coupled the agility of on-demand hybrid cloud applications and services.

The Intel AppUp Small Business Cloud Service built on the Intel Hybrid Cloud comprises a server, a catalog of prepackaged small business applications from myriad software providers and Intel-developed software to manage and track use of the application software.

The Intel AppUp Small Business Cloud Service falls in line with Intel's 2015 cloud vision which predicts that there will be a billion more people on the Web, more than 15 billion connected devices globally and more than a zetabyte of Internet traffic in just four years. Intel's cloud future is also an era where cloud systems are federated, automated and client aware, Intel data center group marketing head Boyd Davis said.

And as the cloud market grows into 2015, the need for SMBs and the cloud will explode, Davis said, adding that come 2015 SMBs are expected to spend $49 billion on cloud computing.

"Small businesses have a new opportunity to take advantage of new technologies," he said, noting that SMBs have been slow in achieving the true benefits of cloud computing due to their specific business needs.

With the Intel AppUp Small Business Cloud Service built on the Intel Hybrid Cloud, Intel is giving MSPs the ability to attack the SMB market with a cloud computing play that gives SMBs an elastic and flexible pay-as-you-go play with low capital expenses and no maintenance, coupled with the comfort of keeping their data on premise.

The service features an Intel Hybrid Cloud Server Reference Design; adds the Intel Hybrid Cloud Server Manager for secure usage monitoring, remote management and a Web portal; and the Intel AppUp Business Service Catalog of pay-as-you-go cloud software options that range from infrastructure, security, business applications and others from a host of technology partners like Astaro, GFI Software, Level Platforms, Microsoft, Symantec and more than a dozen others. The ready-to-use on-site server is managed remotely by MSPs and ISVs. with a ready-to-use on-site server that is managed remotely by MSPs and ISVs.

The AppUp Business Service Catalog uses Intel-developed software to activate, deactivate and track the usage of applications on the platform using Intel Trusted Execution Technology in Xeon processors. Each month, that server tracks software usage and sends a secure encrypted report to an Intel data center. Intel invoices the small business's service provider, which bills the small business customer.

According to Intel Hybrid Cloud General Manager Bridget Karlin, SMBs get pay-as-you-go software, cloud access to the software catalog and on-site data access with little CapEx; while MSPs and ISVs can convert to a subscription model, access an immediate online catalog, create their own offerings and deliver a pre-configured and remotely managed cloud play.

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