OS33, Cloupia Partner On Virtual Provisioning Controller

OS33, an IT-as-a-service delivery platform for MSPs, has partnered with Cloupia, a cloud automation and management software provider, to allow MSPs to better define and provision virtual environments.

This week, Cloupia was named as one of 10 Hot Emerging Vendors by CRN for June. Meanwhile, OS33 itself was chosen as one of 10 Emerging Cloud Vendors You Need to Know earlier this month by CRN.

OS33 is integrating the Cloupia offering into its new Virtual Datacenter Controller, which can be used to implement and manage virtual infrastructure resources. Using the controller, MSPs can deploy multiple virtual datacenters and servers, monitor IT-as-a-Service resources and track utilization, according to Jacob Kazakevich, president of OS33, based in New York.

"Our whole strategy is to build it as a service platform. Where you log into our product and provision a fully-hosted cloud platform for clients and be the complete unified solution for them, everything from provisioning infrastructure to deployment," Kazakevich said. "We felt very strongly about our user interface, but we were looking for a partner to really bring up our infrastructure provisioning functionality and allow our MSP partners to deploy their own infrastructure resources."

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After researching that segment of the market, OS33 felt Cloupia was the best fit as a partner, Kazakevich said.

"We felt it was the easiest product to integrate into our data center infrastructure controller. We worked four months to get things together. It's being released in a beta version to some of our partners now," Kazakevich said.

The new Virtual Datacenter Controller should be available to all OS33 partners by July, he added.

The Cloupia Unified Infrastructure Controller (CUIC) provides infrastructure control provisioning, management and monitoring across physical, virtual and cloud environments, said Bhaskar Krishnamsetty, vice president of products and marketing at Cloupia, based in Santa Clara, Calif.

MSPs can improve resource utilization by as much as 40 percent to reduce costs; improve operational efficiencies through automated provisioning, monitoring and capacity planning for productivity gains of up to 800 percent; and improve service levels with in-depth and real-time visibility through continuous resource monitoring, according to Krishnamsetty.

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By partnering, OS33 and Cloupia allow MSPs to use both solutions behind a single pane of glass, offering greater flexibility and efficiency, he said.

According to both companies, using OS33's Virtual Datacenter Controller in conjunction with Cloupia, MSPs can:

-- Build internal private clouds rapidly with internal standards and procedures to maximize infrastructure investments;

-- Build public IaaS clouds with low cost of entry, incremental growth options and flexible revenue models;

-- Use unified solutions and single pane of glass for consistent and seamless integration experience across private, public and hybrid clouds;

-- Offer end user self-service capabilities using a self-service provisioning portal, service catalog and service delivery orchestrator;

-- Transform and automate VMware-based virtual environments into highly efficient private clouds;

-- Integrate with existing infrastructure management systems policies and processes;

-- Automate physical infrastructure management including bare metal provisioning, blade power management, physical storage and network management.

"It's one of the most comprehensive cloud automation solutions, with provisioning, management and monitoring cross private and public clouds, and also top to bottom, for virtual and physical environments," Krishnamsetty said. "When we met four months back, we were really excited to partner because what we believe is what is lacking is an end-to-end automation and ease of use. Those are keys to the cloud by MSPs."