CumuLogic Joins Cloud Fray With Java PaaS

cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

The brainchild of former Sun Microsystems cloud and Java experts, Cupertino, Calif.-based CumuLogic is targeting cloud providers, ISVs and enterprises to build and manage Java PaaS in public, private and hybrid cloud environments. The startup joins a growing market that has seen a PaaS explosion with the likes of VMware's Cloud Foundry, Red Hat's OpenShift, Microsoft's Windows Azure, and several others.

With CumuLogic PaaS cloud management play, the company is looking to deliver flexibility and speed the development of applications while providing control, security and compliance.

"Today's clouds are complex and all different," CumuLogic technical advisory board member James Gosling said in a statement. "There is almost no interoperability between cloud providers and between public and private clouds. I'm enthusiastic about CumuLogic's PaaS cloud management solution as it utilizes the higher levels of abstraction inherent in the PaaS model to reduce the complexity of cloud management, provides targeted facilities for both developers and management, and erases the distinctions between the various clouds enabling transparent interoperability."

Gosling, Java's creator and former Sun vice president and fellow, along with Bill Vass, former Sun CIO and president of Sun Federal, will lead CumuLogic's Technical Advisory Board. Gosling recently landed a position at Google.

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According to CumuLogic, it offers a full solution for public and private clouds that run on Amazon EC2, Citrix's, Eucalyptus and VMware. Support for the Rackspace-led OpenStack open source cloud is coming soon. CumuLogic said the product will provide support for multiple clouds which allows the support for clouds from multiple vendors at the same time. CumuLogic's Java PaaS also lets users and cloud providers mix-and-match middleware software components to enable the deployment of applications, along with the consolidation of legacy Java applications to a single platform to lower management costs and resources.

The key features of CumuLogic's cloud PaaS include flexibility to deploy modern applications on clouds of choice; automation of myriad tasks that let developers focus on deploying quality apps quickly; a developer and administration API to enable developers to push apps to the cloud; and a Cloud Services Catalog that let organization acquire new software and updates, eliminating the need to build their own service images.

"CumuLogic is unique in that we are one of the first companies to emerge with a full Java PaaS for the federated cloud," said Rajesh Ramchandani, CumuLogic vice president of products in a statement. "Instead of rewriting applications to fit new platforms and essentially giving up standardized application components, we sought to create a product that would give users the flexibility to keep using those components, from application platforms to databases."